Solo Travel Guide: Chiang Mai, Thailand-5 Great Ways

Solo Travel Guide: Chiang Mai, Thailand-5 Great Ways: a Guest Post by Delan Cooper

Chiang Mai is one of the most visited cities in Thailand. It possesses; rich culture, beautiful landscape and sumptuous cuisine. The city also has some of the biggest malls in the country where you will find the finest Thai spa, dozens of boutiques and gift shops. As a result, most people who visit stay longer than they had planned. Here are 5 great ways to have a top stay.

Solo Travel Guide: Chiang Mai, Thailand: Beyond the Usual Tourist Path:

1.   Teaching English

If you are staying in Chiang Mai for longer than a month, then you can help pay for your stay and have a way to be part of daily life by teaching English as a part-time or full-time job. Being an English teacher in Chiang Mai is the best way to interact with different personalities and absorb the Thai culture as you share your knowledge and teach a foreign language. To teach English, you need to be a native speaker with a degree and a TEFL Thailand certification. Ideally, you will be earning as you go while at the same time learning more about people from this fascinating culture. On matters of money, a look into the salary guide for teaching English in Thailand online will give you an idea of what you could earn as a teacher.

2.   Traditional Thai Massage

When you take a quick stroll along the streets of Chiang Mai, you will also stumble upon a massage parlour. Getting a massage in a foreign land can be intimidating as many parlors don’t have English speaking employees. However, that is the beauty of a Thai massage; speak less and relax more. You will be given a loose-fitting shirt and pants then led to a bathroom or changing room. The massage is quite intense as it involves pulling, stretching and rocking at the hands of a therapist. They will use their elbows, thumbs, knees or even walk on you! As a result, you will get a full stretch of the body from a Thai massage therapy.

3.   Cook and Eat

Solo Travel Guide: Chiang Mai, Thailand-5 Ways

If you love to eat, then you should love to cook. If you can’t cook, then Chiang Mai locals are always willing to teach you. The cooking courses available gives you a better chance to learn the Thai culture through its cuisine and as a solo, to connect with others. If you find a good cooking school, they will feature top cuisines; take you to a local market for shopping; teach you how to prepare, cook and serve Thai dishes. If you are completely new to the culture, then you will also be taught how to eat like a local.

Solo Travel Guide: Chiang Mai, Thailand: Things to See/Do Locally:

4.   Hang Out with Elephants

If you love the wild, then a tour to the Elephant Nature Park will be the highlight of your trip. This is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation camp. Here you will get to feed, bathe and hang out with elephants. You will also learn more about the characteristics of these gigantic creatures. If you stay at the heart of Chiang Mai city center, then the park is located just an hour away.

5.   Experience the Power In Muay Thai

Your visit to Chiang Mai is incomplete if you fail to be part of the rich culture displayed in Muay Thai. This is Thailand’s national sport and considered one of the hardest combat sports in the world. You may not be lucky to shake the hand of the great Buakaw, but you can attend one of the weekly matches in the stadiums. If you want to be part of the thrilling action, then you can take up Muay Thai training at the various gyms in Chiang Mai.

With that said, whether staying for a few days or spending months in Chiang Mai, Thailand, there is an endless array of things to see and do.  To have an in-depth experience and to understand the history of this ancient city and its people, consider having the help of a translator or local guide to get started.


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