No Single Supplements 5 New Solo Travel Search Tips

No Single Supplements 5 New Solo Travel Search Tips: We are moving ahead constantly to make it easier to find great solo travel deals with our Solo Travel Pricing Tracker.  There are 5 categories by best pricing.

The first option: The first “No Single Supplements” will always be limited in number and first come, first serve. As a result, they can easily book up six months to a year ahead.  Most promising have been waivers of single supplements or no single supplement slots by river cruise companies.

The second option: Lower or reduced single supplements. On website packages and our solo travel search tool, the Solo Travel Pricing Travel,  we targeted providers that offered at least some packages for 25% or less. Many were 15-10%. A very, few select packages or providers were included with deals at 30-34%.

The third option: Sharing with a same sex individual traveler has been a frequent way to avoid all single supplements.  Read the details carefully since some tour operators will try to match solos who want to share and may or may not offer a discount if no match is available.  Sharing was frequent for adventure travel, women’s tours and younger travelers 18-30.

The remaining two categories for solo travel pricing are primarily seen in Europe:

The fourth option:  Hotels and lodging.  They can either be a double or standard room priced for one occupant. Check the room size since a “single” room may be smaller than you are looking for.

The fifth option: Single parent pricing.  This is often offered in Europe for a solo traveling with a child. Tours under this category also offer the opportunity to meet others that are single parents or traveling with children.  An alternative is that many large chain hotels offer “family” rooms as well.


No Single Supplements 5 New Solo Travel Search Tips: Tip One:

Tired of searches that give you 200,000 “options” when all you need is a few good solo travel deals that are low to no single supplement?

Over the recent holidays, we upgraded our easy to use search tool, the Solo Travel Pricing Tracker.

Start with a broad search based on destination only.

This will give you a filter of up to 60-70 tour operators that we reviewed around the globe.

-For example, choose Africa and “No Preference” as to the type of tour or trip or the “Supplement Pricing Type”.

-Skim the list  to select tour operators that you know and prefer or those that target a tour type such as Singles Trips, Women’s Trips, etc.

No Single Supplements 5 New Solo Travel Search Tips: Tip Two:

If your goal is a specific activity like skiing or safaris, look at Tour Type for several destinations. For example, if you want an ecotour, compare African safaris with Latin America wildlife trips. Then look at pricing options.

No Single Supplements 5 New Solo Travel Search Tips: Tip Three:

Consider why some searches won’t work.

The primary reason is that the categories don’t fit together. Three good examples:

-“Ranches” in Asia.  Although you might find a “ranch” in Latin America, most such offerings will be North American dude ranches.

-“Solo” room prices in the US or Latin America.  For this option, look at Europe. Always be sure not to search for “one room” but lodging for “one person”.

-“Luxury” sharing to reduce prices.  Luxury tour providers may waive some single supplements or offer reduced single supplements.  However, sharing won’t typically be part of a premium package.

No Single Supplements 5 New Solo Travel Search Tips: Tip Four:

Search under our new subheadings in larger categories. For example, instead of looking at all “cultural historical” tours, click on cultural historical tours in Europe or other regions resulting in a streamlined list of typically 5-25 tour operators to consider.

No Single Supplements 5 New Solo Travel Search Tips: Tip Five:

Our Solo Travel Pricing Tracker has been upgraded for targeted responses using subheadings  especially in the following tour categories that have multiple choices under their general headings:








Younger Travelers

For lodging using our Solo Travel Pricing Tracker, be sure to select: 1. Location Area, 2. Tour Type as “Hotel Lodging”, 3. With the third dropdown, a category like budget or luxury hotel and 4. Supplement Pricing Type-Solo Priced Rooms-Cabins.

No Single Supplements 5 New Solo Travel Search Tips: If you have specific searches/categories that don’t work well using our solo travel search tool, email us at our Contact page with the exact search terms you used. We constantly work with our software developer to create an easy, effective search tool linked to solo pricing.

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