8 Powerful Truths Every Female Solo Traveler Needs to Know

A Guest Post by Beatrix Potter

Whether you’re finishing your years in academia and you’re looking for a chance to sign off this milestone with a bang, or you’re looking to get out into the world to discover it for yourself and everything it has to offer before you start the next chapter of your life, there’s no denying that solo travelling can be one of the most rewarding of experiences.

However, if you are a female first-time solo traveler, you may have heard a long list of things that could go wrong. Today, we’re going to put your mind at ease, and show you just how to get out there to experience it all for yourself!

No. 1  The World is Not as Fraught with Dangers as You May Think. 

It sounds dangerous to go to a new city and wander around as a solo female. In some areas, you may feel unsafe. You may even feel unsafe in your own city! However, look at the facts.

In Madrid, for example, homicide statistics hover around one death per 100,000 people, and while this doesn’t mean crimes don’t happen, the world is a lot safer than you may believe if you listen to the media.  With all the up-to-date information on the Internet today, you can quickly find out places to try that meet your comfort zone.

No 2.  You Can Explore Many Different Ways

For many solos, tours are the way to go. You’re taken to everything you want to see, and you don’t have to worry about details like local transportation.  It’s a really good experience to step out your comfort zone and do your own thing. Being independent as a solo traveller provides a great skill to learn in life.

No 3.  Travel Can Be for a Lifetime!

If you are a recent graduate, you may feel like you’re pressured to rush out, and travel while you’re young. While you may have a career later, work and family obligations, travel can still become a lifetime passion.  From mid-life to retirement and beyond, first-time solo travel has become increasingly popular and is now led by women travellers!

No 4. The Risk of a Physical Assault is Low

It is true that as solo female travelers that we need to use good judgment. We need to be aware especially in traveling in countries where women don’t typically go about alone. However, the danger of an actual assault may not be high in most popular tourist destinations. As noted by one female travel author: “According to some statistics, the chances of being sexually assaulted are practically the same as being assaulted by someone you know, and while it’s not the nicest subject to talk about, it does show that the fear of this happening abroad while travelling solo is relatively slim. Just have your wits about you and trust your gut” explains Lisa Garrett, a blogger for Paper Fellows and Ox Essays.

No 5.  Drinking Water May Not Be Safe

As you may know, one real health risk around the world is finding safe drinking water.  The good news? The world has come a long way in the last few decades, and many countries have tap water you can drink. Not sure whether you can? Just Google it before you go; don’t just assume. Don’t be afraid to ask when you arrive abroad. In any case, even in remote areas where tap water is not safe, bottled water is easy to find from grocery stores to small mini-marts. Do remember: If you can’t drink the tap water safely, don’t brush your teeth with it, or wash your drinking glass out with it!

No. 6 The Rest of Your Life Doesn’t Stop

Sure, going away for a few weeks or a few months, or even working away for a few years, there are going to be things in your life that will take a backseat. Telling people you’re going away can sometimes spark fear in parents and others that you’ll come back, and everyone else will have gone to college, found new jobs and moved on without you.

This isn’t the case. You’ll learn so much from travelling, and these are skills you’ll never forget and experiences that will change your life and will define who you are. Your life doesn’t go on hold; this is a way to enhance your life.

No. 7  Home Sickness Passes

“I found that several days after being away, you start to think about home. I was alone in Paris, exhausted from my overnight flight and was thinking maybe I regretted doing this whole travel thing. What was I supposed to be doing? Maybe I should go home,” shares Nick Arnold, a travel writer for Academized and Custom Essay.

“Two days later, I had the most amazing night of my life and a defining moment in my whole experience. Take a breath, the homesickness passes.”

No. 8  You Might Not Come Home

While on the subject of home, you never know what lies ahead of you and what you’re going to find. What happens if you meet the love of your life, or find a city you just fall in love with and want to spend your life in?  Be open to this opportunity. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t!

Beatrix Potter is a travel editor at Write My Essay and Cheap Essay websites. She writes about solo travelling and helping to build confidence in girls around the world. Also, Beatrix tutors at Essayroo.com portal.  


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