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10  Solo Travel Destinations in North America:  If like some of us, you are still waiting to figure out the best way take a summer vacation when so many cancellations have been announced. Here are my top personal suggestions for relatively close-by and bargain solo travel destinations. More good news? For extra savings, you can drive or take the train (or even bus) to many saving costs and waiting in lines when flying. In addition, there is a wide range of options. You can start to choose a cultural travel package, adventure vacations for singles or even wildlife vacations. Surprised? You don’t need to go on a distant safari to see some fascinating wildlife in their natural or sometimes adopted habitat.  Did you know that there are even Amazonian Capybaras adopted by US families in the Southwest? (If you have always longed for a unique pet, note that Capybaras need a swimming pool. You may be less than pleased when soaking wet, they then lounge on the living room sofa!)

10  Solo Travel Destinations in North America:

Foreign Spots Popular with Foodies:

If you love international cuisine, culture and architecture, here are my top two North American picks:

  1. Quebec City- After 5-6 solo travels to this walled city, I see it as the perfect destination. It is relatively close-by except from the West Coast. From fine dining to neighborhood bistros, it feels like Europe but costs less!
  2. New Orleans-I made my first trip to New Orleans as a child. I was especially fascinated by the spooky St. Louis Cemetery with above-ground tombs. My imagination made it a place to look over my shoulder for wandering ghosts. In more recent years, visiting family and friends there, I really appreciated its lengthy history, unique international feel and innumerable top restaurants. The latter can be pricey! I recommend trying out some bistros as well. Be sure to order the Crawfish Etoufee. (Don’t say Crayfish!)


National Parks in North America:

National Parks for Wildlife Travel Packages

This is also perfect for those who want an active vacation. Hiking is available all-year except in dead of winter. White-water rafting is an option in many national parks in the West. If you want to find out why there is no such thing as an “American Buffalo”, you may see “Bison” in at least one of our picks below:

  1. Yellowstone National Park
  2. Grand Canyon
  3. Yosemite

10 Solo Travel Destinations in North America-West:

Go West Young Man (or Woman)!

  1. Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills of South Dakota-I especially loved the Old West feel of my hotel in Rapid City. One million visitors a year from the US and abroad visit Mt. Rushmore. Don’t forget to save at least a half-day or full day at nearby Crazy Horse Memorial.
  2. San Francisco-One of America’s most unique and enchanting cities. Whether you love the enchantment of riding cable cars or the 21st-century lure of nearby Silicon Valley, you will leave your heart here!
  3. Seattle and Portland-A little known fact? Oregon has the only year-round skiing in the US. Not a skier? You can ride hermetically sealed in a gondola to the glacier near the mountain top!

Solo Travel Destinations-North America-Old South:

The Old South:

  1. Charleston


As a child of the Old South, I recommend both as ways to step back in time strolling past antebellum homes. Both being on the water, also offer special local cuisine. An added benefit? The prices, especially as the temperatures go up, tend to be especially attractive.

We have been looking at great North American beaches (including, of course, Mexico).  Please go to our Contacts Page to tell us your favorite and why. For more options, See 34 Most Breathtaking Places in North America; US Old West and Quebec City.

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