Lockdown: 10 Options for Solo Travelers

Lockdown: 10 Options for Solo Travelers: A Guest Post by Delan Cooper: The coronavirus pandemic has made life challenging for everyone. If you are a solo traveler, you may wonder when you will be able to travel again and how to spend your time now. All is not lost; you can still take advantage of the lockdown to enjoy existing hobbies and pursue new ones. Although you may have “cabin fever”, you can embrace the new norm by doing the following:

  1. It’s time to add some personality to your space!

You have all the time you never had before to update your own space or find ways to feel more at home while at home! Consider rearranging or updating your house or apartment from the bedroom all the way to the living room and kitchen. Order household supplies and furnishings online and slowly give your home a new better look. With deep discounts and sales currently, the timing is perfect! At the end of this lockdown period, you will have not only added personality but also something beautiful to show.

  1. Invest in a Wi-Fi hotspot especially if you are locked down overseas.


Getting bored is the last thing you want to feel especially if the lockdown found you overseas. So how are you going to break this? The Internet is the answer and has become the umbilical to the outside world. Especially now, everyone is using the Internet to work from home, to study, to connect with others and also as the main source of entertainment. Through the internet, people are also able to get the daily updates of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is therefore important to have a portable Wi-Fi hotspot 24/7. One option? Take advantage of Skyrome discount codes to get a good Wi-Fi hotspot deal directly from the manufacturer. If you are not working from home, Wi-Fi hotspot will allow you to watch free music videos and other clips, play computer games, connect with people from home or other places and social networking. In addition to providing various forms of entertainment to spend the time, it is also one of the most popular methods of relaxing during the quarantine.

  1. Create a new website and learn to make money from it.

With full-time Internet accessibility, you can learn how to make a website and start to earn new revenue through it. Creating a website can be fun and a good source of extra revenue. The first thing you need to do is to define your goal. One of the most popular ways to generate income via the Internet is to attract advertisers. The first step is to find a market that will generate the most traffic to your website. The more clicks you receive the more demand will exist for merchants to advertise to your site. The second step is to identify the latest website trends and ideas that match your interest. Once you have identified one, register a domain; find a host and create your own website. Take care when choosing the web hosting type as the name you selected and ease of access and speed impact building your brand. Keep your website fresh and treat it as your full-time job while lockdown provides you with the free time to devote to it. Devote your time and post relevant content to the website to keep the income rolling in. Always focus on the goal for more ads which translates to more clicks and finally more money!

  1. Time for you to learn a new language.


What do you think about learning a language you always wanted to but never had the time? It is perfect timing with Internet access and free time when much else is closed down. Lockdown offers you plenty of time to search for the free language courses offered online and enroll immediately. You can also try using Skype and Zoom lessons or any other digital classroom available online, such as, Duolingo, Babble, Spanish House London, Verbal Planet or Lingoda. You can learn from the comfort of your bed or sofa and be ready to practice your new skill once travel resumes.

  1. Stretch out with some yoga exercise, and find ways to relax.


The lockdown period can come with feelings of anxiety, confusion, and depression. People are being forced to stay at home and could benefit a great deal from yoga. Yoga exercises will help boost your immunity and reduce your stress. Yoga can improve your wellbeing during this traumatizing time by enhancing blood circulation giving your body command, balance energies, calming your mind and generally have a peaceful consciousness. Yoga boosts your body’s immunity by reducing stress hormones, removing toxins from your body system, and ensuring that your entire body is functioning at the optimum level. Do not just see the negative side of social distancing; it is a good opportunity to help you regain your mental as well as spiritual strengths. As a solo traveler, this is the best time to refocus, recharge, readjust and reinvent your schedule to be ready for your next adventure abroad. Keep an open mind in every situation, be kind, become a good listener, and always work to understand people around you. Stay informed but don’t be consumed by the pandemic news updates. Maintain an optimistic and calm outlook as you follow the government directives on staying safe from the deadly virus.

  1. Have body workouts.

Body workouts are important during the self-isolation period, but it is important not to overdo them. If you are a beginner, start with easy routines. While currently it is not be possible to spend time working out in the gym, come up with an indoor workout plan for now. Workouts are important to help you regulate your body weight and health but also to add to a sense of well-being. Before starting your workout session, make sure you warm up first to prepare it for the actual exercise. Lay a yoga mat or any other cloth on the floor and start with the bridge exercise that helps you strengthen your core and hamstrings. Try push-up’s, squats, plank, straight-leg donkey kicks, side-lying hip abduction, crunches, etc. You can get more workout’s programs on the Internet together with the directions on how to do them. Be sure to match your workout program with your abilities. Although working out indoors can be difficult, it will be ultimately rewarding.

  1. Understand nutrition.


While spending weeks at home on lockdown, there can be a huge temptation to indulge in lots of junk food. Along with working out, make a plan to keep on track with a healthy diet. Go to the Internet and check on how to eat healthy while you are on lockdown. Track your calories and eat less of those as you lighten your recipes a little bit. Avoid too much caffeine. Make herbal tea part of your life to help your body stay hydrated as well as deal with anxiety. Last but not least, make sure you take a varied diet of fruits and vegetables rather than sugars and empty fats.

  1. Become a volunteer.


You know you cannot leave your house to go and become a volunteer, but you can do virtual volunteering. It offers a way of creating social effects while staying safe indoors. Virtual volunteering platforms have introduced substance abuse prevention, home routine workouts for children, ways to manage finances during the quarantine period, etc. If you are good at matters of social media support, capturing data, offering legal advice, writing and so on, you can become a volunteer and help people coping with the pandemic. These platforms also offer a chance for donors to make their donations to verified NGOs safely.

  1. Improve communication skills.


Don’t let the lockdown period erode your communication skills. The Internet is, as always, the answer for finding new information and ways to learn a new skill or improving an existing one. Enroll in communication skills free courses online and set aside a few hours for it each week.

  1. Read or write a novel/book.


This part is not for everyone, but if you were hoping to read more this year, now is the time. Read all those long ignored stacks of books arranged on your bookshelf, or the many novels you had carried with you while traveling. From timeless fiction to popular thrillers, this is the ideal time to spend a little time each day unwinding. Start a virtual book club. For published authors and those who would like to be, this is the time to show off your skills. With Amazon and other digital publishers, even unpublished beginners can find their following. Coronavirus pandemic can be the inspiration behind your book while providing pleasure to everyone during this lockdown.


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