Japan: Making Your Trip More Vibrant

Making Your Trip to Japan More Vibrant, a guest post by Emily Burton


Planning a trip to Japan? Even if it is your first or second time being in Japan, it is always nice to make it a memorable experience. When it comes to Japan, there are so many popular tourist attractions. But there are a lot of places that travelers tend to miss.

Traditional Areas

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? Going to a place like this, and being able to explore the art of the country’s rich culture is a must. In 浅草 (Asakusa), a district in Tokyo, the old fashioned style is present. Nakamise street is filled with traditional shops, souvenirs, and treats. Although, it is better to just browse and take in the scenes. This is situated next to a 7th century, Buddhist temple named Sensoji. A nice way to enjoy your time there is with a guided tour by rickshaw. This will allow you to relax with one other person, while the cart is pulled by your guide.

Touring through Japan

Japanese tours can be ideal if you want some guidance on your trip. Private and group tours are scheduled and already planned out for you. Out of the many types of tours to choose, this a small group tour in Kyoto that I enjoyed. The 3.5-hour tour involves the tranquility of the Tokufuji Temple garden, a walk through the Tori gates, and an exploration of the Gion district. This is a district where Geiko (Geisha) and Maiko can be seen. It is the last stop and highlight of the tour. These tours are a great package. They may include a few stops that you are already planning to see.

A Water Village

郡上八幡 (Gujo Hachiman) is a small town in Gifu Prefecture. Fresh spring water is scattered throughout this riverside town. Sogisui Source, Igawa Lane, and Yanaka Lane are some of the waterways that you can visit. It is common to spot large 鯉 (Koi – carp) fish swimming through the various canals in town. Koi are highly symbolic and honored in this country. Within Japanese culture, these fish are known to fight their way against the current and upstream. Representing the strength to persevere through life’s obstacles. In addition, there is a place nicknamed “Monet’s Pond”. This is because of its similarity to a gorgeous painting by Claude Monet. The spring water is so clear. It almost looks like a looking glass into a place, where fish fly through the air.


Interesting Cafes

Speaking of looking glasses, there are many types of interesting and quirky cafes to check out. Located in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district, the Alice in a Labyrinth restaurant is designed to make you feel as if you had stepped into Lewis Carrol’s novel. There are oversized books, classic illustrations dressing the walls, and different sections to eat. Whether you would prefer to sit at the red and white queen tables, or maybe in the more private garden hedge maze area. The menu also complements the theme. This restaurant is connected to the Diamond Dining chain. If you like conceptual dining adventures, then there are different types to enjoy by yourself, with another, or with your family.

Places to Rest

Located in Tokyo, Book and Bed is a unique guest house that also functions as a book store. It will put you in a convenient location while being able to read a bunch of books.


If you want to keep it traditional, try out a Ryokan. An inn that will feel like a stay in a Japanese home. Some of these inns, like Sukeroku No Yado Sadachiyo, offer some fun experiences that you can do while staying there.


Japan is a great place to vacation, with history, culture, and experiences, you can’t go wrong.



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